The personality compass

Eniostyle is a modern methodological approach to personality typing, it stands for “style of energy-information communication”. It is based on classical typologies: psycho-geometry, Susan Dellinger; Jung’s typology; Eric Berne’s classification of ego states; body defense types by Alexander Lowen, communication style, and psychic defenses of Virginia Satir, and the modality of perception and the energy centers.

There are four basic characteristics of human interaction with himself and the external environment. Everyone has some characteristics from each of the four directions, but one will capture the essence of your personality more accurately than the others. Characteristics are named after the four directions – West, North, East, South which makes it easier to remember and use (in comparison to Socionics and Mayers-Briggs).

The project: Personal project, I used it to structure the information I learned during a psychology course

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite

01 Structuring the complex information

Information architecture

I used the information provided during the course, took notes, and created a visual aid to help myself find what I needed quickly and easily. For this purpose, I created a digital PDF with hyperlinks. Eniostyle is a highly practical methodology and it is important to find the information I need quickly. I based the new structure on the way I used this content most of the time. As a result, I created a new hierarchy that allowed me to seamlessly navigate the complex information.

4 directions and 16 types

I created a hub page for the 4 directions, where I summarized the key characteristics of each type of personality. This makes it easier to compare the types. All 4 types are colour coded and have a symbol assigned to it (which is also used in the main navigation). Each of the types has a more detailed home page with an in-depth description, characteristics, and 4 personality types that it contains.

The main navigation allows users to quickly switch between the hub page for each type. Its purpose is also to show where you are in the document.


Northern characteristics are focused on the material world, the main mission is to maintain and streamline. It needs to establish causal relationships, logics, desires to streamline, systematize, structure. 

Key points: logical and illogical, the way of thinking is to establish cause and effect in everything.


Eastern characteristics are focused on time, past and future, the main mission is creation. Such a person has the ability to generate completely new ideas, innovative approaches to solve problems, progressive thinking. 

Key points: “interesting – uninteresting.” way of thinking: “where did it come from and where will it go?”


Southern characteristics are focused on the emotional, sensual perception of the world. They are able to love and enjoy life, perceive a wide range of emotional states, and are well-versed in human relations. 

Key points: pleasantly unpleasant, the way of thinking is the sensually-emotional perception of the world.


Western characteristics are focused on the capture and development of the surrounding space, gaining influence. They have the ability to see the essence and discard the unnecessary. High volitional qualities, a very high response rate, the ability to radically change the existing order of things. 

Key points: Rational, viable way of thinking – what is the main thing?

4 quadras

A quadra is a group of people that have a similar mission and share similar values and outlook on life.