Inktober 2018 – Juxtaposition

Merging the unmergeable

03 January 2019

October is becoming my favorite month, because of the Inktober. I have taken part several times before, but this year I had a group of really talented and supportive people joining me at my new work. We made out own theme: Juxtaposition, and selected random words which we printed on paper and drew out of a hat to form our 31 Juxtapositions.

The thing I loved the most about the challenge this year is not the work i produced, not my improvement – it was the feeling of togetherness I got from my colleagues. And of course all these talented illustrators finding their forgotten passion for sketching.  This was truly rewarding for me to witness.


  • Draw everyday, while being employed full time and going to my regular after work classes, which doesn’t seem like a massive challenge, but for me it was.
  • Experimenting with new techniques. This year I combined liner and Quink and tried to improve my linework.

Lessons learned:

  1. Don’t overthink it – if it looks like shit – it is just paper – it is not you, it is only an exercise, a process and it will get better if you are stubborn enough (believe me).

Here is what we produced at Editions Financial: